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Zhang Yuchen: Constructing a Concerted Innovative Management System
Update:Dec 27th, 2011


    In its nature, innovation is the integration of owners of different elements and resources; but efficient innovation should be built on the coordination of different subjects. The efficient innovation system is a concerted system.However, the concerted effect of innovation system doesn’t come into being simultaneously.

    As a consequence, in the process of actively promoting concerted innovation, the government should play an important role in the aspects of “innovation of system and mechanism on the one hand and guiding in policy programs on the other”. It can play this role by founding such concepts as the common quest for innovation which macro subjects must establish and the common basis of interest which micro subjects must form.

    It could be seen that concerted innovation doesn’t only depend on the unified realization and action of macro subjects, but moreover on the participation by micro subjects in greater numbers and wider scope.The premise of the concerted effect generated among micro subjects is cooperation, whose basis in turn is common interest. As a result, in order to promote the concerted innovation of the whole society, we should focus on the common interest of micro subjects.

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