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Zhu Yanmei :The Developing of New-Energy Vehicles Must have New Strategic Thoughts
Update:Dec 30th, 2011
    At present, countries in the world are making intense efforts in the deployment of newenergy vehicles strategy, particularly a lot of effort has been done in policy design, sector coordination, which is worth thinking and learning. Battery and electric drive system in electric vehicles replace the original engine, gearbox and other key components, which will fundamentally change the structure of car fuel and car's power system and energy supply systems. The development of new-energy vehicles has also gain strong support from governments. It is noteworthy that, in the early development stages of the new and emerging technologies, standards are not the higher the better. And continuously blind and high standards, high threshold to limit market access, are likely to lose the best time of the development of our electric vehicle industry.
    Further point of view, the development of new industries including new-energy vehicles to obtain, further expansion is needed in multiple areas: First, to establish innovative strategic thinking. Second, to promote industrial development with incentives. In short, the global automotive industry is undergoing strategic restructuring, and in the next five to ten years is the golden period for the development of newenergy vehicles. China has certain market advantages and technical basis, and if we can seize this historic opportunity, a direct impact will be produced on the strategic development of new industries and economic structure transformation and upgrading.

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