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Strategic Seminar of"Pujiang Innovation Forum"Held in Beijing
Update:Dec 31st, 2011
    Nov 13rd-14th, 2011, the Strategic Seminar of“Pujiang Innovation Forum”was held in Diaoyutai State Guest house, Beijing.
    Chairman of the organizing committee of the forum, director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture and Health of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xu Guanhua, together with Shen Xiaoming, deputy chairman of the organizing committee of the forum and deputy mayor of Shanghai, presided over the seminar. More than 40 experts and persons concerned from universities and research institutions attended the event, conducting heated discussions on several issues such as the role of the forum, its mode of development, etc.
    Experts present held that the innovation forum should be developed into an event with international influence, a think tank with new features, as well as a platform for creative ideas and knowledge that can pool opinions of various sources, release authoritative findings of researches and initiate demonstrations of best examples.

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