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Executive Director of Intel China Ge Jun Gives Lecture
Update:Apr 27th, 2012

On April the 19th, 2012, the 20th session of the “Tongji-ENN Lecture Series” co-hosted by Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management (CASTM) of Tongji University and the ENN Group was held at the Multifunctional Hall of Students Center. Ge Jun, Executive Director of Intel China, was invited to deliver a speech entitled Innovation of Enterprises and Role of the Government. Associate dean of CASTM Zhu Yanmei presided over the lecture. Research fellow Yu Jiang from Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences and associate professor Yangyang from School of Economics and Management, Tongji University were invited to chair the discussion. Also present were specialists, scholars and postgraduates from Institute of Policy and Management, Tongji University and Shanghai Institute for Science of Science.

    Mr. Ge Jun analyzed the success of Silicon Valley (California, U.S.) and Zhong Guancun (Beijing, China) in innovation, introduced in great detail the 40-year experience of Intel in innovation and its innovative operation in China and made discussions on the importance of innovation and the role played by the government in the process. He pointed out that the government, as the law-maker, market protector, corporate supporter, enterprises’ cooperator and consumer, should encourage and promote innovation. The audience reacted enthusiastically to his speech.

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