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Zhu Yanmei: from “Unseeable” to “Unreachable”
Update:May 14th, 2012

Fully comprehending the development laws for the electric vehicle industry lays the foundation for the further development of it.

Groundbreaking technologies came into being through four stages, which can be figuratively described as "unseeable”, "unrespectable", "incomprehensible" and "unreachable".

The market plays an important role in the improvement and development of new technologies and products. Plenty of literatures show that technological innovation and market demand are interdependent. However, the “dominator”—large enterprises always adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Though more focused on constant innovation, they lay more emphasis on the existing customers because of the hefty profit derived from the mainstream market. Developing new businesses through the merger with surviving small enterprises is, after all, a way of success for large companies and granting market access to new players is the most important supporting policy needed by the development of emerging technologies

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