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The research on personnel evaluation system of engineering management
Update:Jan 5th, 2010
The research on personnel evaluation system of engineering management
Candidate: ZENG  Botao
         Supervisor: Prof. LIU  Guangfu
AbstractWith the start of large-scale construction work and the establishment and development of all kinds of enterprises during the process of China’s new industrialization, the areas of engineering management urgently need a lot of talents, those who are not only good at business management, but also have strategic visions. Aimed at this fact, here established a management personnel evaluation system..

    We planned to statistically analyze the abilities of current engineering management talents, by surveying and comparing the development of engineering management at home and abroad. Based on the statistics, we would establish a multi-stage evaluation system of the talents’ capabilities and construct a corresponding evaluation model by using AHP and Fuzzy Math. Combined with expert supervision and evaluation mechanism, there would be a moral-supported, knowledge-based and performance-oriented personnel evaluation system of engineering management.
    This article made a clear concept and scope of engineering management under the new era of China, and gave out the major problems and challenges faced during the training of engineering management talents. Here we quantitively and quantitatively analyzed the current status of the engineering management talents, for providing an effective way to detailed evaluate the talents’ capabilities.

    In the finality, the engineering management personnel evaluation system needs more realistic case of more fields to verify its feasibility and to improve its structure.
Key Words: Engineering Management, Personnel Evaluation, Fuzzy Math, AHP

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