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The Resources Allocation Model and Assessment of Major S&T Projects Based on the Life Cycle
Update:Jan 5th, 2010
The Resources Allocation Model and Assessment of Major S&T Projects  Based on the Life Cycle
Candidate: Chen Keyu
           Supervisor: Prof. CHEN Qiang
Abstract: Major S&T project is an important component of the national S&T plan, embodying the national development strategic intents. Successful implementation of S&T planning has significant impact on improving the macroeconomic control and guidance, accomplishing the state development strategy, advancing the state science and technology level, enhancing socioeconomic development, strengthening market competition and internalization capability.
    This paper expatiates the concept and features of major S&T project, analyzes analysis the management system, management models, management mechanisms and management methods of major S&T project, and proposes that common project management exists around major S&T projects.
    This paper summarizes six questions of China’s major S&T project management, and gives corresponding solutions one by one. On this basis, it analyzes the common reason why these problems generated, thereby build a management and implementation framework based on the full life cycle of major S&T projects.
    The resource allocation of major S&T projects is one of important contents of major S&T project management. This paper theoretically proposes a resource allocation model, based on the full life cycle, to achieve the dynamic tracking and phasic controlling of the major S&T project. Then this paper discusses three questions: how to set up the indicators system of S&T resources, how to collect related data and how to use assessment methods.
    This paper holds that the resource allocation assessment of the major S&T projects is a complex system, suggests that the general assessment should be used to all the major S&T projects and focus on some most representative projects. We should use the results of the assessment to guide the entire process of the major S&T project.
 Key Words: Major S&T Projects, Resource Allocation, Life Cycle, Efficiency Assessment

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