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On-going Programs
1.  Research on Construction of public service platform of China’s science &technology management
2. Research on Several strategic problems in China’s science &technology management
3. Comparative study on road to building innovative city
4. Research on economic globalization and independent innovation
5. Cross-cultural issues in UK-China research collaborations
6. Research on system for effect evaluation on science and technology innovation in Nanahui District
7. Research on strategic evaluation on intellectual property of high -speed magnetic transportation  technology
8. Research on harmonious development between Kunming urban construction and urban management
9. Research on key problems in logistics for staple chemical products
10.Effect evaluation on top management and Research and structuring on payment system in Huachang Chemical Co.
11.Small north sea city design in Feng county in Jiangsu Province
12.Report on theoretical advisory for engineering information and risk management  of Tunnel Across the River
13.Draft on supporting modern design industrial cluster innovation in Yangpu district, shanghai
14.Research on establishing high and new business incubator in Sanya.
15.Research on information platform for automobile parts supply chain synergy 
16.SME’s innovation and development under globalization
17.Competition level for globalization
18.Research on urban development quality evaluation
19.Advice for Policy on shanghai education service trade development
20.Report on development of shanghai modern design industry

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