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    Since the formulation of The National Medium- and Long-Term Program for Science and Technology Development, the concept of original innovation has been widely accepted. But we still have a long way to go to build China into an innovative country. The research on science and technology management has not been conducted in a consistent and systematic manner, which, in retrospect, calls for strengthened research and broadened perspective, especially suggestions and advices from the third party.

    I’ve always been longing for a day when a think tank like Rand Corporation will be nurtured in China, seeking to exert comprehensive, lasting and strategic effect on major issues in scientific technological, economic and social development. It is therefore my sincere hope that the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management can provide such a platform to serve as the intellectual cradle for S&T management and the future development of our country, and as a education base, just like the Whampoa Military Academy, to cultivate top notch elite talents for science and technology management.

    The platform shall be open, mobile, competitive and cooperative, with openness being the characteristic feature of CASTM. Science and technology management is interdisciplinary by nature, incorporating natural sciences, economics and management. Therefore, I look forward to the participation of academic elites from various fields to contribute collectively to the construction of an innovation-oriented country!




Xu Guanhua




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